Welcome to Apocalypse HQ!


Welcome to Apocalypse HQ!

For awhile now the Lancers have become more than just a MWO group. As our members have started to spread out a bit and play other games consistently, and since we try to use the tag APOC in any game that allows clan tagging, Vas and I have decided to move to this new domain and website.

The new site will encompass all of the major games that the group plays and competes in, as well as providing a better framework to add the components we need to manage the group (better calendar, forums, etc). The new site will require everyone to sign up with a fresh account. Once we open signups in the next fiew days, we will publish the link for registration. When this site flips to the new placeholder, the old forums will still be available at http://apocalypselancers.enjin.com/. Please don’t post any new messages or threads in the forums as we are moving to a new system.

I’m sure there will be some bump along the way, and I ask that everyone bears with us as we make the switch. As always, Vas, I, and the XO’s are proud of how the group has grown and we hope to continue that with strong recruiting and game play, both casual and competitive. If you have any issues, please feel free to DM me on the Discord server.



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