Missing Big Toe

As some of you may know, a few days ago Vas, the HMFIC, started his tour for the Canadian military. While he will try and remain in contact as much as possible, we all know that without him close by, barking (mildly) orders, fueled by gin, and keeping the fecal material in a general collective manner, the Lancers feel a bit lost. Good luck and Godspeed Boss. We look forward to your return.


Old Forums and Site

You have probably noticed that we have shuffled the sites around to our new domain(s). The old domain/site is still working, but is now used as a general site for the group for other things we have planned and to also be the ordering page for the swag. I have added a link to the menu to direct back to the old forums on Enjin. You will need to be logged in with your Enjin account to see the posts. Also, I should have an update on the swag order later today. Keep checking the Swag link for update.


Welcome to Apocalypse HQ!

For awhile now the Lancers have become more than just a MWO group. As our members have started to spread out a bit and play other games consistently, and since we try to use the tag APOC in any game that allows clan tagging, Vas and I have decided to move to this new domain and website. The new site will encompass all of the major games that the group plays and competes in, as well as providing a better framework to add the components we need to manage the group (better calendar, forums, etc). The new site will require everyone […]